When a few nurses stopped 400 patients from searching on Google

Nurse-1-1, a messaging-based nurse triage application, successfully helped 400 patients who were searching Google for answers to their health concerns. How??? By deploying a $900 outreach campaign, or about $2.25 per patient, Nurse-1-1 re-directed these patients to a nurse for a quick text chat -– a more empathetic and supportive option than clicking on the stress-inducing WebMD search result listed below.  The ad directed them into a live chat with a real nurse who could educate them on the health topic they were concerned about.

Studies have shown that patient education reduces expensive emergency room utilization (see: Non–Emergency Department (ED) Interventions to Reduce ED Utilization: A Systematic Review  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4038086 ) and Nurse-1-1 didn’t disappoint.

With this Nurse-1-1 study, final utilization resulted in:

  • Only 20% of chats resulted in the patient calling 911 or going to the Emergency room
  • 22% of chats resulted in the patient heading to a local urgent care clinic
  • Over half of patients got the information they needed to manage their concerns and stay out of the ER and urgent care clinics.

The breakdown of patient questions were:

  • 25% women’s health related questions
  • 22% pediatric questions over the age of 1
  • 6% newborn baby questions

Patients seemed to really enjoy these conversations and on average rated these chats 4.35 stars out of 5 stars, with 5 being the best. In fact, 15% of patients came back again to ask another question during the 1-week outreach campaign.

The asynchronous nature of messaging with text and photos allowed many of the nurses to have conversations with multiple patients at once; sometimes as many as 6 simultaneous chats, with the average chat lasting only 12 minutes from first message to completion, and only a little over 1 minute spent by the nurse directly typing for each chat.

Nurse triage call centers are tough to scale up due to the nature of phone calls, patient call backs, missed calls and other constraints of phone-call based conversations. Using a messaging-based system like Nurse-1-1 can allow triage centers to improve workflows and help more patients in a shorter period of time. This reduces operational costs and reduces overall healthcare spending by finally giving patients a proper way to educate themselves and utilize their healthcare options properly.

This Nurse-1-1 can help your patients and improve your practices’ triage operations? Contact us at support@nurse-1-1.com